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With more than 30 years of experience in the trucking industry, Moeller Trucking is highly respected for its reliability, expertise and superior transportation and logistics services. We instill the importance of service, safety, dedication and character in all of our employees, along with our philosophy to establish long-term relationships with our customers by adhering to these high standards in our daily business operations. We believe our consistent growth and success is a direct result of these core values.

Moeller Trucking is a family-owned business that got its start transporting dairy and food-grade products. It has since expanded into a full-service fleet of more than 200 vehicles, serving nationally-recognized clients such as Coca-Cola, Dannon, Meijer, J.M. Smucker, and Organic Valley. We are proud of our 99% on-time delivery, and we work hard to provide the best possible service at a competitive price. Much of this is possible because of our strategic partnership with Moeller Logistics LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Moeller Trucking that provides brokerage services designed to meet all your carrier needs.

At Moeller Trucking, we work hard to optimize the distribution of freight from manufacturer to consumer, which in turn cuts transportation costs, speeds delivery and improves customer service. From freight hauling to customized transport, Moeller is clearly positioned to handle a wide variety of logistics challenges.

Company Profile

  • Moeller Trucking demonstrates a high level of reliability with its 99% on-time delivery.
  • Moeller Trucking stands out for its 30-year history in the trucking industry.
  • Moeller Trucking boasts a fleet of 150 tractors, 15 tankers and 185 refrigerated trailers.
  • Moeller Trucking has national shipping authority in the 48 continental states.
  • The corporate offices and operations hub are located in Maria Stein, Ohio, with an additional terminal in Winter Haven, Florida and Dade City, FL.
  • Moeller Trucking employs 105 individuals, which includes 90 drivers.
  • Moeller Logistics LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Moeller Trucking that serves as a brokerage service to help meet our customersí carrier needs.
  • Moeller Trucking is proud to be a carrier in the SmartWay Transport Partner program, an innovative collaboration between the EPA and the freight sector.
  • Moeller Trucking received the National Association of Small Trucking Companies Driver of the Year Award in 2001, 2004 and 2009.
  • Moeller Trucking received the 2008 Carolina Casualty Insurance Company Fleet Carrier of the Year Award for overall safety on our nationís highways.
  • As a leader in the community, Moeller Trucking is a proud sponsor of the Marion Local Foundation Annual Scholarship.


Our philosophy is to establish long term partnerships with our customers by providing superior transportation and logistics services day in and day out. We instill the importance of service, safety, dedication, and character in all of our employees as well as in our daily business operations. Our consistent success and growth is a direct result of these core values, and will continue to be in the future.